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The Exclusive is available in clear tempered diamond glass, colored safety glass and PMMA.

With an unmatched transparency of 92% and easy maintenance, PMMA (highly transparent thermoplastic polymer) is also ultra impact resistant, extremely UV stable (30 year UV guarantee) and lighter than glass.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, PMMA has a good fire rating and above all it gives off very little smoke with zero toxicity.

PMMA is also recyclable and has another advantage, not the least of which is that it is reusable. It can be heated, then melted, before being reshaped for further use or to obtain its starting monomer, MAM.




The different Mojow ranges have inflatable seats in TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane).

Containing no chlorine, TPU is odorless even at high temperatures, unlike PVC for example. In direct sunlight, its surface remains cool to the touch and it resists UV rays perfectly.

Ultra-resistant, TPU absorbs shocks and has increased stability over the long term.

This new material is biodegradable and perfectly recyclable.


As an option, each cushion can be partially covered by a sleeve LEOBERT – SOSHAGRO.

Vegan and fire resistant, the Soshagro sheaths are also hyper-resistant and easy to maintain.

8 colors of fabrics are available.


With its semi-transparent quality and 3D look, Runner is a highly visual and eye-catching fabric. EU Ecolabel certified and UV treated, Runner is fire retardant and easy to care for (possible to put them in the washing machine at 40° C).

Each cushion of your MW can be partially covered by a Runner sleeve from GABRIEL.

7 colors of fabrics are available.



Each assembly element, screws and washers, is made of mirror stainless steel. The tubes that receive the cushions are made of mirror-polished aluminum.

Everything is also Made in France.




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